Dyslexia Support

Dyslexia Inspired's support sessions are tailored to meet your own individual requirements, focusing on your strengths. Sessions are unique, being prepared in advance and are discussed regularly to ensure they are meeting your needs

Support for Children

Support sessions are for one hour and can be paid in blocks or individually. These are personalised to meet the individual’s requirements and will include a variety of multi-sensory learning methods, and can include a multi-sensory spelling programme, reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation, writing, essay planning, mind mapping, sentence structure, helping with self-esteem, memory techniques, etc.

Support for Students

These sessions aim to assist and support you in presenting your thoughts. Coping strategies, organisational skills, sentence structure, and help with workload management will be included, if this is required. Again, sessions will be personalised to meet your own individual requirements.

Workplace Support

If you are finding some aspects of your work difficult and think you may be dyslexic, then a workplace assessment may be the first step to understanding why and to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This may be funded by your employer.

If you feel you need some support with certain tasks at work, then funded support is available through the Access to Work scheme. You, as the employee, can instigate this by contacting Access to Work : email: atwosu.london@jobcentreplus.gsi.gov.uk or telephone: 0345 268 8489. Following an assessment certain recommendations will be made to help you within the workplace, which may include a set number of hours of support. This is where Dyslexia Inspired can help you, devising a scheme of work personalised to meet your individual needs, with support being given both in the workplace and at our offices in central Chelmsford.