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Dyslexia Inspired is based at Moulsham Mill in Chelmsford and shares the vision of the British Dyslexia Association that all dyslexic people should be given the opportunity to reach their potential.


10% of the British population are dyslexic; 4% severely so with dyslexia being identified as a disability as defined in the Equality Act 2010.


Many of the dyslexic people across the UK, both children and adults, are unable to fulfil their potential as a large percentage of the population still do not understand what dyslexia is, the difficulties which the condition presents and do not know how best to support them. Dyslexia can be described as a hidden disability, as no-one else can see how hard your brain is working to achieve the same results as others. This means dyslexic people have to overcome numerous barriers to reach their potential.


A dyslexia screening test is often the first step for a parent of a child who is struggling with literacy skills. It may also be useful for a person of any age to help decide whether a full assessment is necessary.

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Specialist Support

Sessions are prepared on an individual basis to meet your own personal needs and are available for children, university students and adults.

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